Students need exposure to the professional world to be successful. The EXPLORE and CONNECT programs are designed to facilitate these opportunities by matching you with alumni and friends of VCU who want to give you help and guidance. 

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BizConnect: Connect Mentoring Video

EXPLORE | Informational Interviews

Who: All undergraduate business students
What: One-hour interview and evaluation
When: Interviews occur throughout the academic year

EXPLORE lets you interview professionals in your areas of interest. Ask them honest questions related to how they got to where they are, what some of the challenges they’ve faced are and what a typical day looks like. The program is open to any student who is seeking guidance in their professional development and potential careers. After each interview, you will fill out an online evaluation to provide feedback.

CONNECT | Mentoring Program

Who: Sophomore, junior and senior business students
What: One-on-one relationship
When: One academic year, October to May

CONNECT gives you the chance to develop a supportive, professional relationship with a business professional as you prepare to transition into the professional sector.  Get to know your mentor by interacting in person, attending professional events, connecting over the phone and exchanging emails. Mentors will provide guidance as coaches, advisors and connectors.