We’ve developed a unique global experience to help you impress future employers with resumes and skillsets that showcase international business experience.

The International Consulting Program has been adapted to fit with our current environment! The Virtual ICP aims to provide students the same exposure to global business practice, cross-cultural experience, and international networking. This program will boost your resume, your confidence and your ability to think globally.


International Consulting Project

Students will receive training and academic instruction in business consulting, intercultural communication, and be exposed to US company case studies to prepare for the international consulting project.

You’ll learn about the role of a management consultant from faculty and business community members. Work alongside your global peers to solve a real-world business problem for an international company, then present your findings to the client.


Undergraduate eligibility

Program cost

The cost is equivalent to summer tuition and fees for three credits.

2021 partner university


Registration and Scholarships

If you would like more information about the International Consulting Program and join the interest list, please contact bucurrn@vcu.edu.

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  • Some of the most meaningful experiences that happened to me during the program would be broken down into three areas of focus: the strengthening of my leadership style, stronger decision-making skills and an increase of my confidence.
    Ethan Barnett
    ICP student
  • It was such an unbelievable experience to be able to consult for a Greek company during such an important time for the Greek economy. I learned through firsthand experience the impact one nation’s economy could have on the global economy.
    Christina Busam
    ICP student
  • The connections and the memories made on this trip will last a lifetime, and I would not trade this experience for anything.
    Hannah King
    ICP student